Social Skills Coaching Can Benefit Teen Development

Managing Adolescence: The Impact of Social Skills Coaching For Teens

More than ever before, teens are distracted. Sure, in years past, teenagers would be distracted by friends, jobs, and extracurricular activities. But only recently have teens had the added distraction of technology to interrupt their normal development. These distractions can lead to a breakdown in communication, which is already a difficult skill to teach and practice with adolescents. Good communication is fundamental for healthy relationships and confidence, but teaching healthy communication can be overwhelming and difficult for parents. At Octagon Mentoring, we know this valuable skill pays dividends as teens and young adults mature, so we specialize in teaching good communication. 

How Social Skills Coaching Can Benefit Teen Development

We’ve all heard the old adage, “Communication is key.” While that’s true in every situation and relationship, communication is really the key for teens to develop healthy relationships and confidence. It’s especially important in today’s world full of more distractions than ever. How do good communication skills set your teen up for success in their relationships and help boost their confidence? 

First, we know that all healthy relationships have a good line of communication. That means both people in the relationship feel safe to express themselves, are open to the other person’s perspective, know how to ask for what they need, and know how to set boundaries within the relationship. When your teen feels safe asking for what they need, they’ll be able to ensure their needs are met, meaning they won’t feel deprived or resentful, leading to misbehavior or rebellion. 

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When your teen feels empowered to set boundaries, they are less likely to fall prey to peer pressure and more likely to stand up for themselves.  When your teen can express themselves and also understand that other people might have a different perspective, they learn to be empathetic and self-aware. All of these traits and abilities will ensure a happy, healthy life for your teen well past their adolescence. 

Second, good communication skills lead to more confidence in your teen. If your teen knows they can express their needs, preferences, and beliefs and hold their own position without falling to peer pressure, they will have the confidence to tackle any goal. Good communication skills are rooted in self-awareness and self-acceptance; teens who can articulate their experiences clearly and understand their human-ness are fundamentally more confident. After all, if they know who they are and they accept themselves as they are, they will have the humility and self-assurance to go out into the world with confidence. 

Finding The Right Coaching Program For Your Teen

Empowering And Strengths Focused

Many programs that work with teens seem to be unable to see the strengths that the teen has. Often, by the time a teen needs interventions in the form of therapy, group work, or coaching, they feel like everyone has given up on them or has labeled them a “problem.”  You’ll want to find a program that breaks that mold. Find a program that views the strengths of adolescence (independence-seeking, boundary testing, etc.) as a tool to be used to help the teen develop into a healthy adult. 

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Experience With Teens

Any program that works with teens has to have extensive training and understanding of this crucial developmental stage. The teenage years can be tumultuous because teens are trying to find out who they are and if they are capable of making it in the world. This developmental stage can’t be avoided for healthy growth into adulthood, and with the right expertise, it can be a stage where teens learn how to navigate the world with confidence. 

Parent Involvement

Every coaching program that works with teens should heavily involve the parents. Parental involvement increases the likelihood of success for teens, not only because they see their parents showing up for them but also because parents receive education and training that benefits their teens. 


Make sure that any program you find for your teen has the right credentials. Theoretically, anyone can start a program focused on helping teens, but if they don’t have the training and education, they can actually do more harm than good. Programs for teens should be directed by someone with experience and certifications to do so (like a certificate in Substance Abuse Counseling or a master’s degree in counseling). 

Holistic View Of Health

While mental health is certainly a huge component of any teen program, a good program will address all facets of a healthy life. These other components may include financial literacy, diet and exercise guidance, tools for managing daily tasks, and other life skills. Programs that address multiple facets of healthy living will give teens even more of a foundation for building a happy, successful life. 

Start Communicating With Your Teen In A Meaningful Way

Teaching your teen to communicate is no small task and can be overwhelming for parents. Add in the distractions of technology, and getting your teen to open up or even answer simple questions can feel like a losing battle. That’s why we created our program, the Octagon Process. Our eight-point process brings together the holistic needs and learning that teens and young adults need to be successful, confident, and happy adults. 

We’re here and ready to help, contact us today to find out how we can improve your teen’s communication and give them the healthy relationships and confidence they deserve. Whether you are interested in individual mentoring, family coaching, or coaching house, we have a program that will take the guesswork out of raising a teen or supporting a young adult. 

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