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“At the end of the day, our goal is to empower the young person to be the driver of their own life, with positive and healthy support from the family system.”

Andrew Taylor, CEO & Founder

Services to meet your needs

We can customize each of the following Octagon Mentoring services to provide the support you need:

Leonardo da Vinci discovered that people can observe themselves from every angle when standing within an octagon of mirrors.

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At Octagon Mentoring, we use this concept to inspire our programs centered around mentoring for young adults and adolescents. We call it the Octagon Process. In our programs for teens and young adults, we invite participants to step into The Octagon to identify their blind spots, gain perspective, and implement new strategies and tools for a better life.

We evaluate and train our participants in eight different modules. At the end of the Octagon Process, our participants have the perspective and tools to better their lives as they face new and different challenges.

We work mentoring adolescents ages 15 to 17 and also provide mentoring for young adults age 18 and up. Octagon’s flexible model accommodates a range of individuals, including:

  • Someone who is already thriving but seeks to elevate their education, athletic or professional career to new heights
  • Someone who feels trapped and is struggling with low motivation or self-esteem
  • Someone who has recently completed an intensive therapeutic program and seeks ongoing support in a less clinical environment
  • Someone who recognizes that they are veering off course and needs support as a preventative measure or a pre-crisis option.

Our mentoring services for young adults and teens are tailored to the individual and designed to help them get the most from their life.

Who do we serve?

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Family Support

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Navigating adolescence and young adulthood is challenging for both youth and their families. Teens and young adults tend to seek input from outside sources and disregard their parent’s advice. While it can be frustrating, this behavior is a crucial part of growing up known as individuation.

At Octagon, our life coaching for young adults and teens encourages collaboration between the young person and their family. Together, we identify where the person is in the individuation process and create a roadmap for their desired future. This journey requires a team effort, which is why our mental health programs for adolescents include parent and family coaching to support the team by providing valuable education, diverse perspectives, a sense of accountability, and unforgettable experiences.

"beautiful messy"

The Octagon Life Skills Curriculum

While many individuals naturally aspire for perfection and balance, we encourage our clients to embrace imperfection and imbalance as essential elements in the pursuit of a richer life. We’ve coined the term “beautiful messy,” and it is prevalent in every facet of our mentoring for young adults. Octagon’s ultimate objective is to assist our clients in harnessing their strengths and inherent capabilities, enabling their personal growth and development.

All concepts build on each other and complement each other in small ways. Students will participate actively in workshops facilitated through individual mentoring sessions, college coaching, and group lessons/discussions with other Octagon students, specifically constructed to challenge and instill crucial life lessons. The Octagon process is a six-month commitment and can be offered as a general education college credit course.

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A process that works

Research shows mentoring for young adults is effective at supporting youth of all risk levels. A report by Civic Enterprises and Hart Research in 2014 showed that high-quality youth mentoring programs benefit society at a minimum return of $3 for every dollar invested.

At Octagon Mentoring, we believe the benefits of mentoring and mental health coaching for teens and young adults go beyond the quantifiable. We’ve seen the positive impacts of mentoring touch individuals, families, and communities.