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Improve study efficiency, executive functioning skills, and time management with our College Coaching Services

From finding the right school to applying, passing classes, and graduating, college is no small task, especially in a world with many options and opportunities. Even if you find the right school, how do you ensure you have the highest chance of getting in? And once you are in, how do you maintain good grades so you can graduate?

College is a huge investment, so having the right support to help you succeed is paramount. At Octagon Mentoring, we pride ourselves on finding the right programs and schools, instilling strong study habits, and supporting executive functioning tasks like time and resource management.

Our team assists with college planning services to help you create a map for your college years, college admission coaching to help you get into your preferred schools, and academic coaching once you are in school to help you learn effective study habits and time management.

Services include:

Individualized College Search and Application Assistance

Finding the right college and program requires individualized research and personalized application assistance. At Octagon Mentoring, we specialize in finding the best program with an application that highlights all your best features, giving you your best chance at success.

Strategic Admissions Planning

College prep happens years before the actual application deadline, from taking the SAT and ACT to enrolling in AP classes to participating in extracurricular activities that boost your application. But finding the right activities, preparing for tests, enrolling in classes, and meeting deadlines is overwhelming. That’s where our team at Octagon Mentoring steps in, with custom roadmaps to help you get into your preferred school.

Study Skills and Academic Support

College-level courses require more dedication than high school classes, making your studying time more important than ever. Knowing the right study strategies, the best practices for managing your time, and effective tips for getting support from your professors can make or break your college experience. At Octagon Mentoring, we create custom study plans and teach study habits specifically for each client, helping students find success in their college courses.

College Admissions Consulting

Whether you need help writing an essay for your application or you need to practice your interviewing skills, our team can help. Each school has its specific admission process and requirements, so the task of applying to schools is even more complicated. Every step of the way, from writing your resume to submitting your high school transcripts, the experts at Octagon Mentoring can help.

Pre-College Educational Consulting

Getting ready for college starts way before the first day of school, and it encompasses a lot more than buying your books and signing up for your classes. Preparing for college also means learning healthy coping skills, social skills, and time management. When you complete Pre-College educational consulting through Octagon Mentoring, you can be sure you have the skills and tools you need to thrive throughout your college experience.
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