Family retreats

Therapeutic outdoor adventure activities for everyone.

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New environments create new opportunities to grow together as a family.

Family retreats offer unique opportunities to empower individuals, inspire growth, motivate change, and build connections while engaging together in the great outdoors. Led by highly experienced guides, these adventure retreats utilize experiential education to blend adventure with personal development.

Octagon coaching retreats range from 4-10 days and are highly customizable, with itineraries built to cater to your family’s wants and needs. The family retreats help everyone to work together and bond. They can be used in addition to other programs for teens or as stand-alone mentoring services for young adults and their families.

We offer several lodging options:

family retreat airbnb vrbo option
Airbnb/VRBO: This option offers maximum comfort. Meals can be cooked together in the kitchen with groceries supplied by Octagon that cater to your family’s dietary needs and preferences. Options to eat out are available depending on the retreat location.
family retreat camping option
Camping: For those wanting a little extra adventure, we supply all the gear to stay comfortable and cozy outdoors. Meals are cooked over the fire or on camp stoves, so you can roast s’mores and connect around the campfire.
family retreat combo option
Combo: If you want to sleep under the stars a few times without being committed for the trip, try a mix of both. This is a great option that offers the best of both worlds.
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Reasons to book an Octagon Family Retreat:

  • Foster family connection
  • Create a memorable experience
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Inspire growth and change
  • Spend time together during a school break
  • Get outside and recharge
  • Learn new skills and build confidence
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