Executive functioning coaching

Personalized programs to help you achieve your full potential.

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Individualized plans and support are designed to boost time management, study habits, and personal management skills.

Executive function doesn’t come naturally to all of us, especially those with neurodivergence, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to succeed while playing to your individual strengths. We build individual plans to teach executive functioning skills based on your specific needs – we can help you find your rhythm in life without dulling your spark. 

Executive functioning skills like time management, self-control, attention, emotional regulation, and organization are crucial for success in life, and we tailor our coaching around your natural abilities so you can fulfill your goals. 

When you have the tools, support, and practice with executive functioning skills, you’ll find that your life runs smoother, it’s easier to get through challenges, and your confidence will skyrocket.

Services include:

Time Management Coaching

Often, when it comes to time management, it’s not a matter of having enough time. Sometimes, we avoid unpleasant or stressful tasks or are more naturally drawn to other demands. Learning how to manage our time is as much about learning how to regulate stressful moments as it is about learning to use a calendar. We can help you learn all the skills you’ll need to manage your time well.

Study Skills Enhancement

We’re here to help you learn the best strategies for effective studying, like focus techniques, memorization improvement, personalized study plans, and special tricks and tips for those with neurodivergence.

ADHD-Specific Executive Functioning Strategies

People with ADHD can ofren easily retain information, focus on interesting topics, and dig into complex subjects. But without the right coaching, ADHD can make executive functioning profoundly difficult. Using your neurodivergence as a tool, we’ll create a custom plan to help you navigate tasks like time management, organization, planning, and focus.

Self-Management Coaching

Learning how to manage your impulses and emotions is a critical skill, but learning without explicit support and coaching can be difficult. Our team at Octagon Mentoring are experts at helping you learn how to manage emotions, regulate impulses, and improve planning and organization.

Executive Functioning Services for Academics

We create personalized strategies for executive functioning in academic environments, ensuring our clients have everything they need to flourish as they juggle the extra pressure of deadlines, studying, and classwork.
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